my name is Rich, a professional coach who loves sport and in particular Squash! My goal is to combine my passion for people and Squash with my technical knowledge and experience to help positively impact others and help you receive the incredible benefits that can be gained and achieved through Squash coaching both on and off the court.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to develop your child to become national champion, your a professional looking to achieve lifelong ambitions or you are playing squash for the very first time, every session gives me value and I can assure you every coaching experience can also bring so much fulfillment to your game and everyday life; these are the main reasons I became a coach and why Rich King Coaching exists today.

The Story and Method

I have been fascinated by human movement and the body for a longtime and this fascination has shaped a core element of the Rich King coaching philosophy. Early memories of watching the Olympics as a child I remember watching as many disciplines as possible, i was intrigued by all the different techniques people used in the varied sports and how every individual moved and performed in so many different ways.

I’m a huge racket sports fan and i’m sure many of you will have admired Roger Federer at Wimbledon? Amr Shabana or Raneem El Weleily on Squash TV? These athletes are arguably the most complete Tennis and Squash players of the modern era, great examples of sporting brilliance combined with the perceived ease and efficiency most of us would be happy to have a small percentage of. Combining my inspirations, ideas and experience has shaped my passion to establish a coaching philosophy which helps create well rounded Squash players in the most complete and best version of themselves contributing to great achievements which can be seen externally and felt internally.

“It’s important to invest in yourself and keep learning in life.”

If you think you may like Squash or already love it having coaching is an ideal way to learn and grow! My passion in coaching and the journey I’m on started from a very early age but I have never stepped away from playing myself. I played at a high level as a junior in the UK and had PSA tour experiences as a young adult. I still compete today in top division Dutch league firstly for the enjoyment it can bring but secondly for the invaluable lessons it teaches me, processing all these experiences and articulating them in my lessons with the people I teach is invaluable.

“We all have challenges on court, it’s knowing how to overcome them that’s the key.”

Increasing my own self awareness and findings as well as learning from others everyday helps shape and improve the service Rich King Coaching gives to you and ensures we continue to grow our own knowledge as a business and bring greater benefits to you our valued customer. Come and join us and you too can take your game to the next level.


I have been coaching for over 15 years and hold a UKCC Level 3 Elite Squash coaching qualification and have coached a variety of the worlds top professionals. I am also an Alan Herdman accredited Pilates Instructor which adds a broader and more open perspective to my coaching especially from a body mechanics and injury prevention perspective. As an Individual I’m a people person which i guess is fortunate for a coach. Having worked with so many different ages and personalities over the years it was impossible to ignore the psychology and character traits of everyone I’ve had the pleasure of coaching, such observations and intrigue have lead me to explore and understand how the mind can have such a profound impact over the body as well.

“It is so important for your mind and body to be in harmony if you want to achieve the desired results on court.”

Continuing to develop my knowledge and understanding of  body mechanics, psychology, nutrition and a variety of other training methods give me assurance that together on court we can continually find solutions to difficulties you may face in your game and unlock new possibilities together. 


See what people are saying


I had many sessions with Rich King while training in England. He is a great coach who definitely made a difference in my game. I always enjoyed the pressure sessions he put me through.  His coaching helped my movement in particular, which helped me progress on the professional circuit."

Todd Harrity

World #44 & USA #1


Rich is a professional and friendly coach. He is passionate about the sport and really helpful. After a session with him I am very motivated to play and to improve my game even more. He has a really keen eye and can point out real quickly what your point of improvements are so you can work on that. He also gave me exercises to do my myself which I can use during a solo practice. Unfortunately, I had a little injury and Rich helped me training with adjusted exercises. He is really aware of the human body and which muscles are used in an exercise so he could provide a nice and tough training despite my injury. It is a real pleasure to work with Rich and I really appreciate is effort he puts in the club and ladies night 🙂 Thanks for joining Frans Otten Stadion. Looking forward to our next session!"

Prescilla Roos

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Rich is a brilliant coach. He's coached me over the last 7 years and in that time he has played a significant part in helping me develop from a recreational club level player to now playing for the county.

Rich has a great eye for detail, giving you just the right amount of detail to think about to help improve your game. He really promotes a players awareness of their body to create functional movement to complement your squash. Off the court, he's always been very supportive and a good friend."

Ed Cross

Bristol, UK


Coaching with Rich has been fantastic. He quickly identified the key areas for improvement, explains good technique very clearly, has a wide array of exercises to keep it both fun and challenging, provides great feedback and is ultimately very patient. He has a genuine passion to help people improve and has taken my game to the next level, I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Harry Darke

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Rich has helped immensely with my squash. By focussing on the basics of my movement on the court, we were able to go from a C1 to B2 level in a matter of two months. It was also a great joy to be practicing with Rich."

Matthijs Carpay

Amsterdam, Netherlands