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Kickstart Your Squash Journey

Thinking of picking up a new sport or finding a healthy new hobby to introduce into your lifestyle, well Squash is it! We are offering x 3 sessions with one of our professional coaches in a fun and friendly environment which can be shared with friends with a max of 3 people per group. We have also teamed up with Dunlop to provide you with your very own free rackets to get help you get started :)

Lessons are booked via info@richkingcoaching.com once you have purchased the product you have 3 months to get them booked in.

Look forward to seeing some new faces on court with us!

Learn from a pro – An introduction to Squash + free Dunlop rackets (Duplicate – Test)

Original price was: €250.00.Current price is: €150.00.


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See what people are saying

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