The Lessons of Lockdown and Returning to Squash

Hi Everyone,

Wow what a crazy journey we have all been on hey! The clouds that hung around for the past year or so finally appear to be shifting and although for sure there are many more challenges ahead, a lightness is starting to appear as possibilities of returning to a life slightly similar to pre 2020 starts to seem possible.

It is this statement of ‘returning to how things were or used to be’ that I wanted to slightly focus on and how my own experiences and introspection in this time have made me think that I don’t want to return to how things were but more move in a direction of how I would like things to be in the future as we move forward in our next chapter of that thing we call life.

As an experienced Squash coach and someone who has also competed in high levels of competitive sport, I have become accustomed to personally experiencing scenarios of being out of my comfort zone as well as witnessing and guiding my pupils through similar experiences; helping them build their own characters and inner strengths to cope with the challenges that arise when in uncomfortable scenarios. Becoming more comfortable in the uncomfortable teaches you so much about yourself and helps develops skills that serve you so well in all areas of life.

The Covid pandemic was unprecedented and will have created a wide range of uncomfortable feelings and emotions in us all due to the uncertainty, instability and pressure that Covid and the unknown creates. One thing for sure though is that we can’t expect to be able control the things around us, we may able to influence our surroundings to some degree but we can never be certain of whats around the corner. We can however learn to manage and get better control over our internal state and emotions and it is by focusing on this and developing this that you can become better skilled and conditioned to withstand the challenges of life.

I hope you have been safe and looked out for yourself and the people close to you in this tough time and remember everyone has been through this tough period together. I for one can’t wait to get back on court with you all and cherish one of the things I feel so passionately about and embrace my own new insights and wants. I hope you too can move into this next chapter the way you wish and use the experience of the past years to help you in the future.

Thanks for reading

Big love

Rich x

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